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We provide safe and convenient conditions for thousands of our members who are all seeking no-strings-attached relations. Once you`ve become a member, start browsing the profiles of singles you like and don`t be surprised if you face the profile of some person you may know.

The Rules:

  1. Don`t forget about mutual respect: you communicate with people, be they men or women, with the same level of respect as they communicate with you.
  2. Whenever you get laid with someone you`ve met on this site, you are responsible for protecting yourself against Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
  3. If you meet someone you know on this site, please do not make your acquaintance public, and avoid gossip.
  4. The registration for men is limited and is opened only when there is a need for it. We try to keep the number of males and females on the site as equal as possible. Registration for men is currently open and granted at no cost, so grab the chance and join now by clicking the “I Agree” button below.

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